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Our Satisfied Customers Say... ...

"Absolutely delish! Went in a jiffy! Hope you get many new customers from our Kiddush!"
- Anonymous RBSa

"Shalom,The fish balls were delicious! And I thoroughly enjoyed the gefilte roll. Yum :) (glad I didn't have to share that one, just my eldest had the last one and like it very much too )"

- S.T. RBSa

"The most amazing fish (gravadlax) I've ever tasted!!!

- D.M.W. RBSa

"We loved the gravadlax. Thank you!"

- B.T. RBSa

"WOW! WOW! WOW! It looks amazing and tastes great!”

- M.H. RBSa

“This is exciting!!!”

- C.H. RBSa

"The fish was delicious... Thank you.  It's a real treat to have such yummy fish for Shabbos, without all the work!"

- Y.K. RBSa

"The fish was amazing!  Every single member of the family enjoyed it! I’d like to place an order again for this coming Shabbos!  I thought it would be nice to serve for Seuda Shlishit."

- R.F. Ramat Shilo

"It was delicious. Only downside is that there were no leftovers at all!"

- Y.H.O. Beit Shemesh

"The fish was delicious! One of our daughters especially liked the mini bites. My wife liked everything! We couldn't tell the difference between the gluten and non-gluten balls. Can we have double the amount next week?!"

- Y.G. Ramat Shilo

"The fish was GREAT! Fresh, perfectly cooked and delicious! I will definitely order again!"

- S.R. Sheinfeld

"Your stuff is such fun!!!"

- Anonymous comment from feedback form from RBS MegaMall

"Amazing! ... Wonderful! ... Great! ... Excellent!"

- Anonymous comments from feedback form from RBS MegaMall

"A taste of the UK! The BEST Fried Fish!"

- Anonymous comment from feedback form from RBS MegaMall

"The fish was amazing thanks! The fish balls were straight out of my childhood memories from SA :-)

Thanks for really enhancing our Shabbos meal with your delicious fish! It was fresh, tasty and enjoyed by all!"

- D. M. RBSa Resident